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September 2018

$49.99 $58.99 saving $9.00
September 2018

September 2018

$49.99 $58.99 saving $9.00

Why When We Found Home?

While the setting of this novel was perfect for reading on our summer trip to Seattle and Alaska, it was the characters that really drew us in. We felt instantly connected to the characters of the novel and how their lives became intertwined. Home, family and what they mean are central to this book and the Carlesso family.

What’s in the box?

Lakefield Bakery on Queen - Chocolate Biscotti - We are so fortunate to have made friends with our new local bakery. We were thrilled when they agreed to make a traditional Italian treat that fits with the products that the Carlesso family sell. *Contains nuts https://www.lakefieldbakery.com

Starbucks - Via Instant Pike Place Medium Roast – The Pike Place Market in Seattle is the location of the first Starbucks. We chose a format that was easy to make and perfect for a cool fall afternoon. The Via Instant Pike Place Medium Roast is ready in 10 seconds and a great tribute to the novel’s setting. Just add 240ml of hot water to your favorite mug, add coffee and enjoy. http://www.starbucks.ca

Blue Q- Socks - My Favourite Ankle Socks – Malcolm, Kiera, and Callie struggle with a variety of emotions about each other. We thought these socks perfectly described the progression of their complicated family relationship. http://www.blueq.com

Imperfectly Worthy - Wish Bracelet – Christy hand makes these bracelets and we love the concept behind their wishes. While many characters in the novel have wishes we also thought handmade bracelets were a great fit for Kiera’s birthday party in the novel. https://www.etsy.com/shop/imperfectlyworthy

Foundation Hanging Sign -“Home is the Nicest Place to Be”- Home is central to the novel and just like this sign, home can be wherever your loved ones are. We hope you can hang it somewhere to remind you of all the wonderful parts of your home.

Ooly – Colour Cats Sticky Tabs – Lizzie the cat is a central part of the novel and we wanted to honor her with these fun sticky tabs that are great for marking pages while reading. We also think Keira would love adding them to her pencil case for school. https://www.ooly.com/

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