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November 2018

$49.99 $58.99 saving $9.00
November 2018

November 2018

$49.99 $58.99 saving $9.00

Why The Music Shop?

We chose this novel because it so wonderfully creates a cast of characters brought together by their passion for music and the neighborhood Frank’s record store is in. Set in the late 1980s when vinyl is struggling and so is the neighborhood the shop is set in; The Music Shop perfectly combines love, music, friendship, and a great story.

What’s in the box?

London Tea Co. – While there isn’t a specific tea flavor mentioned we couldn’t do a box set in the suburbs of London, England without a great cup of tea included.


Kawartha Lakes Fudge Co. – Chocolate Fudge – While sweets don’t play into this story at all, we wanted to include a favorite of our readers and bring back fudge. Why chocolate? Because it is classically delicious - like music for your mouth! 

Socksmith Co. – For the Record socks – The perfect socks to wear while reading this novel and to show your love for vinyl all year long.


Bee By the Sea – Body Cream – Ilse has problems with her hands. She puts lotion on them and keeps them covered. We thought this amazing body cream that combines Sea Buckthorn and honey would be perfect for Ilse as it has been successful in relieving various skin conditions. We know you’ll love it too.


Kikkerland - Guitar pen – Write your own music with this rockin’ pen. Perfect for writing about your passion or sending a letter to a friend you’ve lost touch with.


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