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November 2017

November 2017

November 2017


November's box focused around the novel, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah set in WWII France. 

Why The Nightingale?

For November we wanted a novel centered on the theme of Remembrance so we looked for a novel set in WWI or WWII. The Nightingale stood out as it told the story of women and their role in France fighting in the resistance and housing enemy soldiers in their homes. The stories of Vianne and Isabelle show two different perspectives and ones we hadn’t read before. The courage and bravery shown by so many in France and the portrait of the horrors of war for French citizens made this our choice for November.

What’s in the box?

This month was a bit trickier to fill the box with items because Vianne and Isabelle are without for almost the entire novel. Wartime brings famine and scarcity so we chose items we felt coordinated with the themes, events, and characters of the Nightingale.

Danica Studio Bicicletta Pouch – The old fashioned bicycle featured on the pouch reminded us of the stolen bicycle Vianne used to deliver messages and papers. Use it to keep your secret papers and notes

Merci Tea – Tea-Gram – What better way to thank the allied soldiers for their service than with this thank you. Merci. With its Cinnamon Spice flavour it’s perfect to enjoy on a cold November day/night. https://tea-gram.com

Simpkins Travel Sweets – Retro Forest Fruit with Guarana – tinned sweets were easy to send to soldiers and Simpkins was a favourite in Britain since 1921. We chose this flavour as it was perfectly suited for the airmen Vianne spent so much of her time rescuing. https://alsimpkin.com

Perth Soap Co. - Sparkling Champagne Cleansing Bar – When the war ended, champagne flowed freely as the Allies celebrated their victory. While we can’t send you champagne we can send this amazing soap created in Perth, Ontario that will have you smelling better than a French cafe. https://perthsoap.com

Sweet Reads Box Pen & Sticky Notes – a gift from us to you! Perfect for making notes, marking pages and keeping track of your next great read.

*Photo Credit = Momvstheboys

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