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We LOVE hearing how people are enjoying their Sweet Reads boxes across Canada.
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This was my first box and I loved it. I'm currently reading the book and all of the included goodies were fantastic. I've used them all. I will definitely continue to order more boxes.

Loved this book!

I was hesitant to read this novel as I didn't think I would like something politically focused, but I was captivated. Loved the coffee, frother and exfoliator and especially the hand cream. Such a good box.

Supper in a box!

Who knew you’d get an entire dinner meal with your book box? All of the items in this box compliment the novel perfectly. So fun to get cooking just like Elizabeth Zott - who is a character you will remember. Another great book choice!

The perfect summer book & box!

This box is pure summer perfection! The book is full of cottage country nostalgia. The popcorn was delicious (and make sure to check out the backstory of the company that makes it!!) All perfect items to compliment this perfect book!!


First off, this book was PHENOMENAL! Easily the book of the summer and an amazing pick by Sweet Reads Box!! The items inside were on point. I'm obsessed with the car coasters!


The items inside this box were absolutely spot on! They matched the novel perfectly! This is easily one of my favorite boxes!!


This book is one of my fave of the year!!! The items once again fit perfectly with the book. The popcorn was delicious and the friendship bracelet is adorable.

Loved this box!

I absolutely loved how all the items tied in so well with the novel. That lemon square was SO DELICIOUS!!!

The Complete Box

This box has all the ingredients for the perfect night in, and I love it! So unique & thoughtfully curated!

Every Summer After Box
Laura Robinson
This Box Screams SUMMER!

This Box Screams SUMMER!
The book is phenomenal. The snack (popcorn) is one of my Fave SRB snacks to date. I just love everything about this box!!

Fantastic product and customer service

We have purchased our fourth box with sweet reads and, without exception, they have all been fantastic. Both boxes we purchased for Mother’s and Father’s Day arrived on time for the event and we’re very well put together. The contents are thoughtful and, as stated in a different review, it enhanced the reading experience.
I received a discount code that didn’t work on checkout for our fourth box. When I emailed the company, I had a refund for the value of the code in less than an hour. Thanks Greg!
If you’re not sure, take the leap, they are amazing! There will be a 5th purchase in our future.

One of the most uniquely curated boxes!

I love when Sweet Reads makes a box filled with products that I would never think to by for myself. I get to discover new brands and new treats that become staples in our house. This was one of those boxes. This box made it obvious to me how much time and attention is out into each months selections.


I have been waiting all year for this book! Thank you Sweet Reads for choosing it. And then topping it off with a second book!! The two book boxes are always some of my favourites. Also, those bear droppings didn’t stand a chance.

Black Cake Box
Jenn OConnal
One of my most anticipated reads!

One of the things I love about Sweet Reads is the books the choose. It’s either one that’s already on my TBR or one that’s completely new to me. I have NEVER been disappointed with a book choice.

Unsinkable Greta James
Heather Wisher
Awesome Box!

I was so impressed with this box! Everything that came in this box is amazing. I especially loved these chocolate covered almonds. My sweet tooth was happy. And This was the best book!


Seriously the best shortbread cookies I ever had. I definitely think I need to order more! 🤣 Omg SO DELISH!! 😋

Black Cake Box
Heather Wisher
Amazing box!

I was so pleased with this box. I have wanted to read this book since I heard about it. I also loved the coffee candle that came in it. Smells like a coffee shop! And of course, the coffee. I'm a coffee addict, and this coffee was so tasty. 😍😍😍

Favourite item!

This is a favourite item of mine, so cute and practical!!


I love this cleaner! The whole house smells so good!

The best treat so far

This is one of the best treats I’ve had from a Sweet Reads box. So so good!!!!

Best box!

One of my favourite box ever. Love the tote bag and the calendar is so adorable!! The hot chocolate is delicious and so is the candies. The soap smells phenomenal.

Amazing book!!

Greta James got all the stars from me, I absolutely loved this book and loved how well all the items complimented the story.

Black Cake Box
Jocelyne Roy
Absolutely loved this box!

Love love love this box!! The book was an amazing debut and I absolutely loved the gummies, the candle and the two lip products!

Unsinkable Greta James
Liz Mannegren
My first Sweet Reads Box!

This was my first Sweet Reads Box and I predict many more in my future! I absolutely adored it! The box is full of well-made, beautifully curated items that have such a thoughtful connection to the book. I am all about the sweets (those bear droppings did not last long in my household!) and this book box was such a great fit for me!

Calm the nerves and alert the senses

As soon as I open this tea bag I was hit with a familiar aroma of English breakfast tea and transported back to my travels in the UK and full English breakfast. Luckily without a side of murder!