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October 2019 Box Reveal

October 2019 Box Reveal

Our special 2nd Anniversary box had some exciting items in it!

Novel: The Nanny by Gilly MacMillan

The Nanny is the perfect novel for October. A complex thriller with twists that had us speeding through the novel to find out what really happened. When Jocelyn was seven her nanny, Hannah, left unexpectedly causing a devastating loss. Thirty years later Jocelyn has returned home to England with her daughter Ruby to live with Jo’s mother Lady Holt. Soon after arriving at Lake Hall estate a skull is found in the estate’s lake and the story takes off with all the women questioning everything they thought they knew about each other.

What’s in the box?

Zing Lemon & Ginger Tea - London Tea- A novel set in England needs a great tea to enjoy with it. We chose this Lemon Ginger Tea as a wonderful compliment to a cool fall day.

Choco Hippies Biscuits – Andre - Lady Holt and Ruby bake cookies (or biscuits) in the story. You will love these British biscuits as an accompaniment to the tea.

Pill Container - NPW- Pills are an important part of the plot. These convenient pill containers are great for purse or pocket to carry medications or vitamins.

Candle Holder - Creative Co-op - A large candlestick holder would be impractical to fit in the box. We found these charming candleholders that symbolize love. While there is a lot of love in this book, a lot of it is misguided.

*Tea Lights – Sewrustic - Fall scented tea lights are the perfect match for the candle holder. Maybe you could use them to set a Halloween atmosphere?

SRB Vinyl Sticker - To celebrate out anniversary we have included this sticker, which will look, great on your iPad, like the one Ruby uses to play games

*Wish Bracelet - Imperfectly Worthy – One of our all-time favourite items – the wish bracelet is a beautiful way to make a wish and wear your love of books. Our gift to you as we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary.

Pocket Mirror - NPW- A cigarette case plays a prominent role in the story and we wanted something that could represent this. Also with Lady Holt’s obsession with her looks, a pocket mirror made sense as something that she would always have close by.

*A Canadian company

September 2019 Box Reveal

September 2019 Box Reveal

September Sweet Reads Box

Our September box featured a great debut novel from a Canadian author - find out more about the box contents:

Why Crow? *

A friend of ours introduced us to Crow. Right away, the beautiful cover and the promise of a great novel by a Canadian author intrigued us. From the moment we started reading we were hooked. Crow Fortune is unlike any character you have read before. You will be surprised, perhaps shocked but we think you will love her story and her unique perspective on the world. This novel includes a fair share of cursing. While we know not all of our subscribers are fans of swearing, we felt the diction matched the character.

Enjoy this novel with its big heart and even bigger characters.

What’s in the box?

East Coast Chai * – Pluck Tea – What better way to celebrate Crow and the East Coast. Tea is featured heavily in this novel. Enjoy a beautiful cup while you read.

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Bar with Nutty Sea Salt Caramel - Baru Chocolate – A delicious treat with a hint of the coast to pair with the novel. A bit of comfort food for those times you will laugh (and cry) with Crow.

Onion Bag – Kikkerland – One of the most unique items we have included in a box, but perfectly fitting for this novel. While the connection is not revealed till near the end – it is pretty great. Plus, this is a fantastic product that your onions will thank you for.

Hand Painted Vase – Creative Coop – This vase reminded us of the beautiful pieces you would find at an artisan market in Cape Breton. Something to showcase the last blooms from your garden.

All Booked Up Shopping Bag – Blue Q – The perfect bookish bag for your next shopping trip. Whether it is to the bookstore or the gym you will love how versatile (and eco-friendly) this bag is.

- A selection of boxes also received a Crow button – a gift from author Amy Spurway.

* indicates - a Canadian company

August 2019 Reveal

August 2019 Reveal

We picked this novel to feature in August long before Jimmy Fallon chose it. We can understand why he thought it was a fantastic novel. We loved reading it and choosing these fun items to connect to the novel. Lots of Canadian made goodness in this box.

Why Ask Again, Yes?

We love family stories and this one is unlike any we’ve read. Kate and Peter’s love and how it changes over time is engaging and emotional. The connection between the two families runs deep and is marked by a devastating tragedy. We think you will enjoy this tale of love, growth and redemption.

What’s in the box?

*Old Fashioned Kettle Corn – Toronto Popcorn Co. – The perfect snack for George and Peter to watch the Mets, and for you to enjoy while reading.

*Iced Coffee – Kyoto Coffee – Delicious iced coffee is easy to make with this fantastic coffee by our local coffee roaster. A summer coffee shop favourite, we imagined Anne drinking this while watching for Peter.

*Mug – Danica Studio – A classic styled mug we envisioned Anne or Lena sipping their coffee from. Simple yet classic, much like the way they styled their homes.

*Journal - Indigo Paper – A beautiful journal to compliment the theme of love in this novel. Perfect for your coffee shop writings.

*Book Nerd Pin – Crafted Van – We have been a big fan of this Canadian company since we met them a few years ago. We hope you love this enamel pin - perfect for showcasing your love of books on your favourite jacket, bag or hat

Vinyl Sticker – Custom made – We created this sticker for our subscribers to accent their laptop, phone, or journal. We know you can identify with it’s wording.

*A Canadian company


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