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August 2020

August 2020

The Boys Club by Erica Katz

The Boys Club is a powerful novel about the life of a young woman building a career in Manhattan law. Gaining a prestigious position in Mergers & Acquisitions leads to strenuous hours, unthinkable expectations and a dramatic impact on every area of her life. Alex shows incredible inner strength, courage and challenges the expectations and abuse women in Big Law experience. The Boys Club is a captivating novel that left us wondering if the author (writing under a pseudonym) wrote from her own experiences.

What is in the box?

*Energy Bombs – Date & Almond and Cranberry & Chocolate – Alex rarely has a chance to eat. With long days at her desk these energy bombs would be the perfect energy boost. We loved the sweetness of these energy bombs and appreciated no added sugar.

*Genuine Tea – Elderberry Hibiscus OR Lemon Ginger – Alex’s mainstay beverage is alcohol – since we cannot include that in our boxes, we thought we would include healing tea – perfect for after a night out, or iced on a hot summer day.

*Genius/Dumpster Fire Notebook – I’ll Know It When I See It – Choose which side of this notebook you need on any given day/moment. While humorous, we know Alex could have put this to good use while working on her cases.

Splendid Pen – Ooly – The perfect fountain pen for signing legal contracts. We loved the style and functionality of this pen. (refills available) We imagined Alex having a pen like this until she could afford a Mont Blanc.

Courage – Compendium – A beautiful reminder to encourage you on the most difficult days. Alex definitely needed this for her desk. We hope it will brighten up your workspace.

Inspire Her – Compendium – Pop open cards to inspire. Whether your journey and goals are big or small these cards are small reminders to keep going.

*Week From Hell Bath Salts – Walton Wood Farm – While Alex experienced far more than a single week of difficulty we felt this amazing product would be perfect for unwinding after a client event/day at work. Take some time to rest and recharge with this soothing lemon-drop bath-tini soak.

*Indicates a Canadian company

Summer Suspense Box 2020

Summer Suspense Box 2020

Our Summer Suspense was full of summer suspense, and all things summer! 

The box included:

Novel: Dark August

When looking for our Summer Suspense book choice we read a number of titles in the genre but Dark August stood out from the rest. The story is captivating, unpredictable and engaging. A stunning debut novel perfect for summer nights.

What is in the box?

*Pineapple Coconut Mojito Mix – Gourmet du Village – A delicious drink mix packed with the flavors of summer. Delicious made with or without Rum. 

*Salt & Pepper and Sweet Potato Chips – Covered Bridge – The perfect salty snack – a bit of sweet and spicy to crunch on through the really suspenseful parts!

*Hello Sunshine Spatula – Now Designs – A summery addition to your kitchen that will remind you of the summer rays long after summer days are over.

Glass Reusable Straws – Kikkerland – Our favourite reusable straws that ensure you are staying green while sipping your favourite beverage.

*Lay-Flat Notebook – Danica Studio – Journal or take notes without worrying about breaking the spine with this eclipse patterned notebook. Great for taking notes on your own cold-case assignment.

Waterproof Glow-in-the-Dark Playing Cards – Kikkerland – Take your next camping trip, outdoor adventure or game night to a whole other level with these special glow-in-the-dark cards that are waterproof. Charge them up, turn out the lights and play!

Ex Libris Bookplates – Galison – A book lender’s favorite item. These literary inspired bookish sticker bookplates are just the item you need for your home library.

Clothespin Photo Holder – Kikkerland – A polaroid photo is a key item in Dark August. We included this fun and colorful photo holder wire for you to display your favorite summer memories.

Indicates a Canadian company

July 2020 Box Reveal

July 2020 Box Reveal

Why The Last Flight?

Julie Clark’s novel reminded us of Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train with a modern twist that keeps you guessing. Eva and Claire are magnetic characters that draw you in to their less than ideal lives. The Last Flight is a novel that will draw you in and have you boarding a wild ride. The two storylines create tension but are easy to follow all while building suspense through many twists and turns.

What is in the box?

Skyhawk Coffee – Propeller Coffee Co. - We are thrilled to partner with this amazing Toronto based roaster. A Canadian company focused on sustainability, community and quality. We know you’ll love this amazing dark roast. Plus, Propeller is the perfect tie-in for this novel **

Rocky Road Popcorn – Toronto Popcorn Company – This popcorn company is a reader favourite and what could be more delicious then Rocky Road? It is a combination of your favourite summer flavors mixed with airplane peanuts. Plus, the flavor Rocky Road was invented in Oakland, CA close to where this novel takes place. **

San Francisco Pouch – Galison – The novel is set in Berkley, CA close to San Francisco and Eva and Liz go to the Giants game. This handmade pouch is perfect for pencils, makeup or travel items.

Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Reviving Mask – Dr. Botanicals – This is the perfect travel size facemask intended to nourish and revive. It had us thinking, what better way to disappear than to wear a mask?

Laundry Bag – Kikkerland – Two styles of a travel sized laundry bag with pouch and carabineer.  Whether you use it for laundry while travelling or at home it is fun and functional.  

Spark Courage – Chronicle Books – Discover your inner bravery with this set of matchsticks. Eva and Claire’s desperation leads them to show courage to change their lives entirely with unexpected results. 

 **Indicates a Canadian company

June 2020 Box Reveal!

June 2020 Box Reveal!

Why The Jane Austen Society?

From the moment we stepped into the lives of the people of Chawton, England we were enamoured by their story, their connection and the stories buried deep in Jane Austen’s former home. A unique cast of characters brought together by their love of Austen and need for human connection. We think you will love this historical fiction debut from Canadian author Natalie Jenner. Whether you are fan of Austen or a reader of historical fiction there is something for everyone. At its centre, The Jane Austen Society is about love, loss, family and books. The perfect read for June.

What is in the box?

Assorted British Candy – We chose an assortment of British candy for this month’s box. A delicious variety of summer flavours to enjoy while reading.

Just Peachy – Pluck Tea – Bursting with summer flavours this tea is delicious iced or hot. ** 

Signed Bookplates - from Natalie Jenner. A special gift from the author to be affixed inside your novel.

Northanger Abbey – Penguin Books – As the first Austen work mentioned in the novel we wanted to include it for your collection. If you have not had the chance to read Austen, this is one of our favourites.

Jane Austen Notecards – Penguin Books - What better way to stay connected with friends in family in a time of physical distance? Use these notecards to pen a note to someone you are missing. We think you will want to tell everyone about this novel.

Bee and Blossoms Scarf – Native Northwest – Reminiscent of a British garden this scarf brings an element of summer to your wardrobe. A beautiful design created by a Canadian indigenous artist. **

Bee and Blossoms Postcard – Native Northwest – A compliment to your scarf this postcard is great framed, used as a bookmark or sent to a friend. **

Feather Pen – Kikkerland – Dreaming of the days of inkwells and feather quills? Scribe your own masterpiece with this feather pen without fear of ink stained hands.

 **Indicates a Canadian company

May 2020 Box Reveal

May 2020 Box Reveal

Why The Second Chance Boutique?

The Second Chance Boutique is a sweet story about a vintage wedding dress shop and its owner Francesca. Not only does she match the dress to the wearer but she researches each and every dress detailing its bride and groom. One dress and the family it belongs to become the focus of much of the novel leading Francesca on a quest for the true story of the dress and a love affair for herself. We loved the stories about the dresses and hope you do too.

What’s in the box?

Cream of Earl Grey Tea – Genuine Tea ** – A perfect blend of Earl Grey sure to delight your senses and whisk you away to the glamour of a British High Tea.

Dark/Milk Chocolate Bar – Seed & Bean – A British chocolate bar to go with a British Novel. Each bar is 100% organic, Fairtrade, ethically sourced and handmade in the UK.

I Love Small Business Tote – Danica Imports ** – The perfect tote for your small business and market shopping. We love this tote as much as we love you. So thankful to each and every subscriber – you are what make our small business possible!

Keepsake Box – Danica Imports ** – We chose this keepsake box because it reminded us of the English countryside, and the beautiful estate of Rafael’s mother. Perfect for keeping your favourite bookish supplies, art supplies, travel mementos or chocolate

Large Beeswax Wrap – Goldilocks Wraps – Replace your plastic wrap with this gorgeous handmade beeswax wrap – all natural, reusable, easy to clean and compostable. A must have for the eco-friendly kitchen. We chose these wraps for their environmental impact and the floral design to co-ordinate with the retro dresses in the novel.

XOXO Sticky Notes – Knock Knock – Perfect for leaving notes for your loved one. Perhaps Francesca should have left more for Rafael. Communication was not their strength.

Today’s Plan of Attack – Knock Knock – An essential item for anyone with a To Do List they need to tackle. We loved the idea of Francesca using these to plan out her days at the Whispering Dress Boutique.

**A Canadian company

Book Lovers Box April 2020

Book Lovers Box April 2020

Why The Sunday Potluck Club?

While not a book focused on reading, this group of women brought together by grief is a great read we thought you would enjoy during these unique times. The Sunday Potluck Club is an enjoyable novel about community, friendship and love.

What's in the box?

English Tea - Cartwright & Butler - A choice of two perfectly classic British teas - an ideal brew while enjoying a cozy day at home reading.

Chocolate Raspberry Fudge - Kawartha Lakes Fudge Co. ** - Reminiscent of taking your favourite treat to a friends' home for a potluck - we know you will love this small batch fudge!

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase - Chronicle Books - The cutest bookish vase we have ever seen! This ceramic vase is perfect for your bookcase or pull it out to display fresh flowers from your garden.

Book Mark Pad - Knock Knock - Bookmarks to mark your page and keep track of your notes. Perfect for preparing for book club or as a note to the next person reading the novel after you.

Book Addict Magnetic Bookmarks - Crafted Van ** - Three amazing bookmarks from our friends at Crafted Van. Great for use in your planner or marking your page.

The Study Candle - Ex Libris **- A deliciously scented clean burning coconut soy candle - set the mood for a cozy read.

So Many Books Sticker - Sweet Reads - We created this sticker to adorn your book cart or laptop so you can share your love of books.

** A Canadian Company


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