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March 2020 Box Reveal

March 2020 Box Reveal

Novel: The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi

We loved this novel because it was a window into a different period, place and time. While based in the 1950s the novels’ themes still resonate today dealing with women’s rights, socio-economic issues, violence against women, self-love, and family. We hope you will become as engrossed in this novel as we were. The sensory journey through India Joshi takes us on is one-of-a-kind.

What’s in the box?

Henna Temporary Tattoo – Compliments of Harper Collins Canada – A fun way to celebrate The Henna Artist *

Lavender Shortbread – Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. – Lavender is used by Lakshimi throughout the novel in her treatment of the women she sees. We love these delicious local shortbread cookies with a hint of lavender – igniting your senses with every bite. *

Seduction Organic Chai – Tea Leaf Co. - Chai features prominently in Indian culture. We chose this tea to connect to the act of seduction in the novel and Lakshimi’s practice. *

Mango Curry Dip Mix – Gourmet du Village – The flavours of this dip and scents reminded us of Indian food. We hope you enjoy making this as the perfect snack accompaniment to your read. Serve with vegetables or crackers. *

Mandala Mirror – Kikkerland – Mandalas are representative of a spiritual journey and the concept that life is never-ending. Translated from Sanskrit to be circle this mirror offers an opportunity for reflection and self-care.

V&A Travel Set – Eye Mask, Hand Cream & Lip Balm – Victoria & Albert Museum by Wild & Wolf – The packaging of this product reminded us of the visuals and patterns of the story and the theme of beauty. We hope you will use this set for an upcoming journey, or a day of rest and relaxation.

*A Canadian Company

February 2020 Box Reveal

February 2020 Box Reveal

Why American Dirt?

We read this novel long before its release date and the controversy surrounding it began. A number of people have been critical of the novel because a Latino author did not write it and the story is very much rooted in the culture and experiences of that community. We respect and honour this opinion while also believing this novel is compelling, timely and important. We hope you will agree.

Lydia and Luca’s story is unlike any novel we’ve read before. Their experiences as migrants making a journey we’ve only heard about are powerful, heartbreaking and at times beautiful. We could not put this book down as we yearned to find out whether they would survive the journey. The novel reminds us of the resilience required to persevere through trauma and gives the reader a glimpse into the migrant experience.

What’s in the box?

*Mexico – San Cristobel Coffee – Kyoto Coffee – A perfect pot of delicious medium roast coffee. The ideal drink to compliment an afternoon of reading.

*Sinfully Raw Vanilla Stone Ground Dark Chocolate – Chocosol – We chose this chocolate from well known Toronto Chocosol Traders who blend cacao varieties from indigenous communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

*Fierce Enamel Pin – Danica Studio – Lydia and so many of the characters embody this word. Let this pin be a symbol of your own fierceness.

*Week From Hell Lip Balm – Walton Wood Farm – We see lip balm used at various points in the novel as Lydia and Luca deal with the blazing sun and sun damaged lips. Take care of your lips with this natural lip balm.

*Empire Zippered Pouch - Danica Studio – The eagle is a powerful symbol in Mexico (and America) making it a fitting image for this canvas pouch. We felt this type of durable pouch would be similar to the one Lydia carries.

Cactus Pencils – Kikkerland – While the experiences of the characters in the novel are anything but fun, we wanted to add a lighter touch to the box with cactus pencils perfect for school, work or home office.

*A Canadian company

January 2020 Box Reveal

January 2020 Box Reveal

Novel: The Other Windsor Girl

While The Other Windsor Girl is a work of fiction we felt that Georgie Blalock honestly captured the essence of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret in this book. When the Princess and The Honourable Vera Strathmore cross paths as young women adventure ensues. As readers, we bear witness to their fascinating and sometimes tumultuous relationship, feeling like we were living every moment with them. An engaging novel we believe will be the perfect read this January.

What’s in the box?

Assorted Fudge - Cartwright and Butler - We wanted a real extraordinary English confection for this box and this fudge is perfect. The hard part will be not eating it all in one sitting! One of three delectable flavours will appear in your box.

*Winter Chai – Pluck Tea - Any book that is set in England has to have a great “cuppa” to accompany it. We hope you enjoy this wonderful winter tea to keep you warm. Toronto based Pluck Tea paired with local chocolate maker Chocosol to create this special blend.

Corgi Socks – Socksmith - Although Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is probably better known for loving Corgis we couldn’t resist these cute socks. A cute pair of Corgi love socks for curling up with your novel.

*Casablanca Mug - Now Designs - We loved the elegant design of this mug and felt it was as close to a proper English teacup as we could get but still be sturdy enough to ship to your home. A lovely white and blue mug that is ideal for your favourite winter beverage.

Ridley’s Games Gin Rummy - Wild and Wolf –Princess Margaret may have preferred vodka as her drink of choice but these Gin themed playing cards tie back to her mother who was known to enjoy a few Gin and Dubonet in her time. Perfect for a games night in your parlour.

*Canadian company

Photo Credit: Laura @Bibliotaph_Bean


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