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August 2019 Reveal

August 2019 Reveal

We picked this novel to feature in August long before Jimmy Fallon chose it. We can understand why he thought it was a fantastic novel. We loved reading it and choosing these fun items to connect to the novel. Lots of Canadian made goodness in this box.

Why Ask Again, Yes?

We love family stories and this one is unlike any we’ve read. Kate and Peter’s love and how it changes over time is engaging and emotional. The connection between the two families runs deep and is marked by a devastating tragedy. We think you will enjoy this tale of love, growth and redemption.

What’s in the box?

*Old Fashioned Kettle Corn – Toronto Popcorn Co. – The perfect snack for George and Peter to watch the Mets, and for you to enjoy while reading.

*Iced Coffee – Kyoto Coffee – Delicious iced coffee is easy to make with this fantastic coffee by our local coffee roaster. A summer coffee shop favourite, we imagined Anne drinking this while watching for Peter.

*Mug – Danica Studio – A classic styled mug we envisioned Anne or Lena sipping their coffee from. Simple yet classic, much like the way they styled their homes.

*Journal - Indigo Paper – A beautiful journal to compliment the theme of love in this novel. Perfect for your coffee shop writings.

*Book Nerd Pin – Crafted Van – We have been a big fan of this Canadian company since we met them a few years ago. We hope you love this enamel pin - perfect for showcasing your love of books on your favourite jacket, bag or hat

Vinyl Sticker – Custom made – We created this sticker for our subscribers to accent their laptop, phone, or journal. We know you can identify with it’s wording.

*A Canadian company

2nd Edition YA Box - July 2019 Reveal

2nd Edition YA Box - July 2019 Reveal

Second Edition Young Adult Sweet Reads Box
A Limited Edition Box for lovers of Young Adult Fiction

Why Love from A to Z?

K. Ali melds together the themes of chronic illness, loss, love, prejudice and cultural appropriation. Ali beautifully relates the stories of two devout Muslim teens as their attractions grows and are faced with a variety of challenges. The alternating journal entries of Zayneb and Adam give a deep look into their thoughts and character.

 What’s in the box?

*Bloomin’ Delicious Candy Bottle - Gourmet Du Village

Adam and his little sister Hanna talk about a model of house and garden in Ottawa that Adam created and stored in a jar. We though this jar was a nice tie, and who doesn’t like candy?

*Milkshake Mix - Gourmet Du Village

Zayneb and Adam end up at the mall like many teenagers. What better way to hang out with friends than over food and a milkshake? We hope you enjoy this delicious beverage while reading or share with a friend.

The I Heart Book – Knock Knock

Love is a strong theme in this story and this cute book is a great way to spread some love.

*Lab socks – Little Blue House

Adam and Hanna invite Zayneb to visit a dog shelter unaware that she is terrified of dogs. We hope you love these Lab socks and can face any fears with courage like Zayneb does.

Curled up Corners Bookmark -*if UK

We loved these cute creatures to mark your pages. While not a direct tie-in to the book we know they will quickly become your favourite bookmark.

Badge Bomb by Greg Pizzoli Buttons

We’ve included these fun buttons so you can show your love of reading to everyone.

* a Canadian company

July 2019 Box Reveal

July 2019 Box Reveal

We featured one of our all time favourite authors, Michael Ondaatje. Packed with fun goodies it was a great summer read.

*Novel: Warlight by Michael Ondaatje

As lovers of Ondaatje’s writing we wanted to share this magnificent piece of literature with you. As the narrator, Nathaniel says, “We order our lives with barely held stories,” and Warlight is a novel of stories and lives pieced together in post-WWII London. We see adventure, suspense, and at it’s essence, a story of a young boy growing up, then piecing together his mother’s life after her death.

If this is your first Ondaatje novel you will find yourself caught up in his poetic style, but perhaps at times overwhelmed by detail and imagery. Take your time, soak in the words and revel in the story.

The items we chose to pair with Warlight are designed to fit the setting and story. While Michael Ondaatje was born in Sri Lanka he is a Member of the Order of Canada

What’s in the box?

Peach and Rhubarb Tea – London Tea – Delicious hot or iced this Peach and Rhubarb tea is perfectly delicious.

Dry Gin Fizz Gummies - SugarSin - The classic British drink in a gummy is perfect for a summertime treat while reading Warlight. *Non-Alcoholic

V&A Ribbon Bookmark – Victoria & Albert Museum – The leading museum of art and design located in London designed these beautiful bookmarks. Assorted designs.

Warlight Candle – FromthePage – We love these custom candles made by Etsy Shop FromthePage ‘Candles for Bookish Souls’ - the perfect light to read by and a way to bring light to the shadow cast by war.

*Unwind Coaster – Cedar Mountain – We chose these coasters because they reminded us of time taken by Nathaniel’s mother (Rose) once she stepped away from being a spy. We hope they remind you to take a bit of ‘me time’ this summer.

*Sunflower Microgreens – Gift-a-Green – Nathaniel’s journey takes him to Marsh Felon as he works to piece together his mother’s life. We chose these greens as they represent; mailed letters, growing and gifts.

*A Canadian company


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