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Women of Pearl Island Box

Women of Pearl Island Box

A novel about an island, a family, and the secrets that live there. The novel begins with Tartelin answering an ad for a personal assistant on an island off the coast of Britain. With only a few inhabitants and a mysterious past, Pearl Island offers an escape from daily life, sadness and modern conveniences. Tartelin’s employer, Marianne is a remarkably private woman with a difficult and painful past. 

We found The Women of Pearl Island to be a beautiful novel that slowly unravels the stories of Tartelin and Marianne’s past all while searching for evidence of a top-secret event that happened on Pearl Island decades before.

We curated this box to tie to the novel and also to include some of our favourite holiday and bookish items.

What is in the box?

Novel: The Women of Pearl Island – Polly Crosby

 *Milk Hot Chocolate – Camino – We includes this beautiful milk hot chocolate as a sweet treat to take the chill out of the Winter air. While chocolate would not be found on a remote island, we think you deserve a delicious cup while enjoying the novel.

*Mulling Spice – Walton Wood Farm – A beautiful Mulling Spice for Cider or Wine. Ideal for Winter celebrations or taking the chill out of your bones after a long walk on the island.

*Raspberry Candy Tube – Candy Labs – Handmade old-fashioned candy from Montreal. We chose this item as a modern take on tinned fruit candy. The tube connects to the scientific exploration that Marianne engages in to uncover the past on Pearl Island. 

*Tea & Butterflies Bookmark – Crafted Van – A custom bookmark created to capture the essence of this novel and the things that tie Tartelin and Marianne’s lives together.

*Peppermint Soap – Walton Wood Farm – Handmade soap would have been used for generations on Pearl Island. We love the scent of this soap. Perfect for removing the scent of the Island off your hands. 

*Custom Bibliophile Desk Calendar – I’ll Know It When I See It – Simply the best desk calendar designed by our friends at IKIWISI for Sweet Readers. Packaged with a beautiful wooden easel made by Nordic Woodshop in Wakefield, QC. The perfect calendar for book lovers. 

*Sweet Reads Tote – Peace Collective – A beautifully made essential tote bag for carrying books, presents or butterfly catching gear. Show us all the ways you love to use your tote!

*Holiday Card – I’ll Know It When I See It – A fun inclusion to spread some cheer this holiday season. Pair it with your favourite book for a special reader on your list.

*Indicates a Canadian company.

We are proud to support small businesses in our box curation.

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