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Why “Me Time” and Self Care is Worth the Investment

Why “Me Time” and Self Care is Worth the Investment

The concept of “Me Time” is about consciously making time for….you. Taking the time to relax and recharge is essential to your mental AND physical health. Me Time is an act of love for yourself. 

Setting aside time for yourself sends positive messages to your brain. Prioritizing “Me Time,” tells your brain that you matter, you are worthy, and your health is a priority. Taking some time for yourself is the *only* way you can recharge your brain.

What does “Me Time” do for your brain and body?

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Lets you step back from problems and come back with a new perspective
  • Recharges your energy
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves relationships
  • Invests in your well-being 

What Happens if We Don’t Find Time to Recharge?

Our minds and bodies are connected. For them both to function optimally, they need to be in sync. Stress and tension can manifest as physical symptoms; back or neck aches, migraines, and stomach cramps….these are all signs that you need to recharge.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with life when our bodies and brains are always running. When we feel overwhelmed, our moods fluctuate, we become frustrated more easily, and we can’t be truly present for ourselves OR the people around us! Building regular “Me Time” into our schedules allows our busy brains to unwind and relax. Reading is a proven way to unwind and relax. Spending time recharging yourself will enable you to be more present for others.

Finding Time for Yourself

Scheduling “Me Time” can seem impossible when the world is buzzing around you. Demands of work, family, and friends often mean you put yourself last. Sweet Reads can help! We built the company to celebrate our love of reading and help people find time for themselves in today’s busy world.

Investing in a book subscription prompts you to take some time for yourself every month. Even the act of unboxing each month is a moment of self-care as you plan how you’ll use your items, start thinking about the new book, and treat yourself to a tasty snack!

Choosing a limited edition bundle means you have a special box coming at key times throughout the year. Planning ahead for Me Time is an act of kindness for your busy brain!

The Role of Reading in Recuperating

Although Me Time can take various formats, did you know that reading has a special role in recharging your brain? Reading positively affects your mental health. Reading is an act of self-care. Picking up a book allows us to step back from the constant demands of day-to-day life. 

Reading is also part of practising mindfulness. Being present in our bodies helps lessen the impact of depression, anxiety, and stress. Losing yourself in a literary world helps counter the negativity of life around you. 

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