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Book Lovers Box April 2020

Book Lovers Box April 2020

Why The Sunday Potluck Club?

While not a book focused on reading, this group of women brought together by grief is a great read we thought you would enjoy during these unique times. The Sunday Potluck Club is an enjoyable novel about community, friendship and love.

What's in the box?

English Tea - Cartwright & Butler - A choice of two perfectly classic British teas - an ideal brew while enjoying a cozy day at home reading.

Chocolate Raspberry Fudge - Kawartha Lakes Fudge Co. ** - Reminiscent of taking your favourite treat to a friends' home for a potluck - we know you will love this small batch fudge!

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase - Chronicle Books - The cutest bookish vase we have ever seen! This ceramic vase is perfect for your bookcase or pull it out to display fresh flowers from your garden.

Book Mark Pad - Knock Knock - Bookmarks to mark your page and keep track of your notes. Perfect for preparing for book club or as a note to the next person reading the novel after you.

Book Addict Magnetic Bookmarks - Crafted Van ** - Three amazing bookmarks from our friends at Crafted Van. Great for use in your planner or marking your page.

The Study Candle - Ex Libris **- A deliciously scented clean burning coconut soy candle - set the mood for a cozy read.

So Many Books Sticker - Sweet Reads - We created this sticker to adorn your book cart or laptop so you can share your love of books.

** A Canadian Company


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