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April 2021

April 2021

Book: When Starts Go Dark 

A story about redemption and forgiveness set in 1993 California. Paula McLain weaves together a powerful story about your past and the many ways it affects your life. Centered around a criminal investigation and a missing person’s detective’s search for answers. We know you will love the lyrical style of the novel and the protagonist’s journey to heal and solve the mystery.  

What is in the box?

Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate – Camino – A fair trade, vegan chocolate bar made in Canada. We loved this unique chocolate bar and thought Californians would too! 🍁

Lemon Rooibos Tea – Genuine Tea – A relaxing blend of tea – perfect hot and delicious iced. A great drink after a long day. 🍁

Basically Psychic Ankle Socks – Blue Q – While Anna didn’t always welcome the psychic’s help in the story, we know you’ll love these conversation-starting socks.

Sweet Reads Hand Rescue – Walton Wood – Our friends at Walton wood have created a signature scent just for us! Light smelling and refreshing. We hope you will love this Sweet Reads Hand Rescue as much as we do! 🍁

Sweet Reads Tumbler – Designed by a local graphic designer (who designed our boxes) these tumblers will keep your favourite beverage hot or cold on the go. A special tie in to the novel but we know you’ll love using it all year round. 🍁

Book Banter Bookmark – Beautiful Words – Beautiful bookmarks that encourage you to read, reflect and connect. Keep this bookmark handy and answer the questions as you go. 🍁


🍁  Indicates a Canadian company

April 2020 Reveal

April 2020 Reveal

Why How A Woman Becomes a Lake?

How a Woman Becomes a Lake is a compelling story about the lives of people in a small fishing town and the impact of one significant event. Centered around the disappearance of Vera we see how each of the characters is involved in a different yet intertwined way. Expertly written by Canadian-born Giller-nominated author, Marjorie Celona we know you will love this story and its’ complex characters.

What’s in the box?

Salted Caramel & Maple Crunch Milk Chocolate Bars - Gallerie du Chocolate ** – We love these chocolate bars and felt these two flavours were a delicious compliment to the novel.

Blueberry Lagoon White Tea – Tealish ** – With a water based novel this tea is a perfect pairing. A delicious blend offering a taste of Spring/Summer – we hope it will bring warmth and comfort while reading the novel.

Sweet Preserve (Assorted flavours) – Salt Spring Co. ** – Made in B.C. these preserves were chosen for the amazing anchor logo (fitting the fishing town) and delicious flavours.

Whale Notebook – Native Northwest ** – Whales are mentioned often in the novel as inhabitants of the water and the namesake of the town – Whale Bay. They feature a beautiful design by Haida artist Ernest Swanson and a convenient size for jotting down notes on the go.

Salmon in the Wild Mug – Native Northwest ** – Continuing with the water theme we chose this beautiful mug to represent Evelina’s work on fishing boats and the fishing culture of Whale Bay. Designed by Coast Salish artist Simone Diamond this design will remind you of travels to the West Coast and the fish that live in our beautiful Canadian waters.

Silver Earrings (Assorted Styles) – Foxy Originals ** – We love everything this Canadian jewellery company creates and are excited to include their silver earrings in this box. Representative of Denny’s career as a custom jeweller and the perfect compliment to a Spring outfit we hope you love these earrings as much as we do!


**A Canadian company

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