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September 2021

September 2021

Our September 2021 Box was packed to the brim with Fall favourites! 

Book: Beautiful World, Where Are You 


A novel about life, friendships, and relationships. Sally Rooney takes us inside the friendship of Eileen and Alice as they describe their daily life in emails. We see their hopes, dreams, worries and wonder if their search for meaning and happiness is similar to our own. Even though their lives are different than ours we cannot help but ask ourselves the same questions. Both Alice and Eileen are realistic, complex and like all of us are seeking a human connection in their friends and lovers. We feel this novel will be one you want to talk about and look forward to your thoughts!

What is in the box?

Poppy Mix – Poppy Popcorn – After the rave reviews of the Asheville Mix, we chose this delicious sweet and spicy popcorn combo as the perfect snack for reading a sweet and spicy novel. Happy snacking!

*Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – Walton Wood Farms – The perfect Fall drink. Make up a warm cozy mug of this hot chocolate as you dream of exploring Dublin and the Irish countryside with Eileen and Alice.

Long Walks to the Library Socks – Blue Q – We adore these socks and know they will speak to your bookish heart. We also think both Eileen and Alice would love wearing these socks around the house and while working on their emails/writing. We hope yours take you on a delightful walk to your local library or Little Free Library. 

*Hydrate Bath Soak – Bathologist – A luxury bath soak perfect for taking the chill out of a damp Fall Day and/or contemplating your latest work/personal adventure. We think these bath salts will make you and the world feel a bit more beautiful.

*Leafy Leaves Jumbo Journal – EcoJot – Combine the beauty of Fall leaves and a practical lined journal and you have your new Fall favourite. The cover design was painted by designer Carolyn Gavin on a walk in the countryside showcasing the many colours of Fall. Use it as a personal journal and capture the beautiful world you see around you.  

*Book Shop Custom Candle – Allen Wick – A beautiful candle capturing the aroma of your favourite bookshop. Light your candle to set the mood for a relaxing reading experience.

*Publisher Letter – We have enclosed a special letter about Beautiful World, Where Are You from Lynn Henry, Publishing Director of Knopf Canada for our subscribers.

*Indicates a Canadian company 

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