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May 2020 Box Reveal

May 2020 Box Reveal

Why The Second Chance Boutique?

The Second Chance Boutique is a sweet story about a vintage wedding dress shop and its owner Francesca. Not only does she match the dress to the wearer but she researches each and every dress detailing its bride and groom. One dress and the family it belongs to become the focus of much of the novel leading Francesca on a quest for the true story of the dress and a love affair for herself. We loved the stories about the dresses and hope you do too.

What’s in the box?

Cream of Earl Grey Tea – Genuine Tea ** – A perfect blend of Earl Grey sure to delight your senses and whisk you away to the glamour of a British High Tea.

Dark/Milk Chocolate Bar – Seed & Bean – A British chocolate bar to go with a British Novel. Each bar is 100% organic, Fairtrade, ethically sourced and handmade in the UK.

I Love Small Business Tote – Danica Imports ** – The perfect tote for your small business and market shopping. We love this tote as much as we love you. So thankful to each and every subscriber – you are what make our small business possible!

Keepsake Box – Danica Imports ** – We chose this keepsake box because it reminded us of the English countryside, and the beautiful estate of Rafael’s mother. Perfect for keeping your favourite bookish supplies, art supplies, travel mementos or chocolate

Large Beeswax Wrap – Goldilocks Wraps – Replace your plastic wrap with this gorgeous handmade beeswax wrap – all natural, reusable, easy to clean and compostable. A must have for the eco-friendly kitchen. We chose these wraps for their environmental impact and the floral design to co-ordinate with the retro dresses in the novel.

XOXO Sticky Notes – Knock Knock – Perfect for leaving notes for your loved one. Perhaps Francesca should have left more for Rafael. Communication was not their strength.

Today’s Plan of Attack – Knock Knock – An essential item for anyone with a To Do List they need to tackle. We loved the idea of Francesca using these to plan out her days at the Whispering Dress Boutique.

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