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March 2021

March 2021

Book: A Town Called Solace 🍁

In a world where we could all use some Solace comes the remarkable story of Rose, Liam, Elizabeth and Moses and the ties that bind them together. Set in the 1970’s the novel begins with a runaway 16-year-old, and a new man moving to town. From there, the novel explores how family, grief and love come in many forms. Mary Lawson is a gifted Canadian writer. Her novels have remarkable characters, relatable Canadian settings and tell stories we love. We know you will love this novel too.

The items in this box were carefully chosen to represent Canada and small-town living. Each item is from a Canadian company.

What is in the box?

Letter from Mary Lawson – A beautiful letter from the author is included.

Chocolate Covered Jujubes – Walton Wood Farms – We could all use some Good JuJu and thanks to our friends at Walton Wood we have these amazing Jujubes.Β  A delicious treat to enjoy while reading. 🍁

Rapids End Coffee – We are thrilled to include this delicious coffee from a local roaster. Ethically sourced and using a compostable bag it is a perfectly smooth cup of coffee. Pour a cup and take a trip to Solace. 🍁

Good JuJu Bath Bombs – Walton Wood Farms – Bring the positive energy you need to your β€˜Me Time’ with these fantastic bath bombs. 🍁

Maple Soap Bar – SOAK Bath Co. – Solace reminded us of so many small Canadian towns where the scent of fresh air and maple syrup combine over breakfast tables and restaurants. This handmade soap bar (with a biodegradable, plantable seed paper label) is a divine way to get your morning started. 🍁

Hamburger Spices and Poutine Mix - Gourmet du Village - Hamburgers and Poutine became a mainstay in Liam’s diet and a way to measure the days and passage of time. Β We included these mixes as a fun tribute to the local restaurant and some yummy meals when BBQ season comes to your part of Canada. 🍁 

Waffle Dishtowel – Danica – A soft dishtowel to bring Canadian pride to your kitchen. We loved the vintage feel and styling of this towel and imaged it would fit perfectly in the kitchens of Solace.Β  🍁

🍁 Indicates a Canadian company

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