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August 2020

August 2020

The Boys Club by Erica Katz

The Boys Club is a powerful novel about the life of a young woman building a career in Manhattan law. Gaining a prestigious position in Mergers & Acquisitions leads to strenuous hours, unthinkable expectations and a dramatic impact on every area of her life. Alex shows incredible inner strength, courage and challenges the expectations and abuse women in Big Law experience. The Boys Club is a captivating novel that left us wondering if the author (writing under a pseudonym) wrote from her own experiences.

What is in the box?

*Energy Bombs – Date & Almond and Cranberry & Chocolate – Alex rarely has a chance to eat. With long days at her desk these energy bombs would be the perfect energy boost. We loved the sweetness of these energy bombs and appreciated no added sugar.

*Genuine Tea – Elderberry Hibiscus OR Lemon Ginger – Alex’s mainstay beverage is alcohol – since we cannot include that in our boxes, we thought we would include healing tea – perfect for after a night out, or iced on a hot summer day.

*Genius/Dumpster Fire Notebook – I’ll Know It When I See It – Choose which side of this notebook you need on any given day/moment. While humorous, we know Alex could have put this to good use while working on her cases.

Splendid Pen – Ooly – The perfect fountain pen for signing legal contracts. We loved the style and functionality of this pen. (refills available) We imagined Alex having a pen like this until she could afford a Mont Blanc.

Courage – Compendium – A beautiful reminder to encourage you on the most difficult days. Alex definitely needed this for her desk. We hope it will brighten up your workspace.

Inspire Her – Compendium – Pop open cards to inspire. Whether your journey and goals are big or small these cards are small reminders to keep going.

*Week From Hell Bath Salts – Walton Wood Farm – While Alex experienced far more than a single week of difficulty we felt this amazing product would be perfect for unwinding after a client event/day at work. Take some time to rest and recharge with this soothing lemon-drop bath-tini soak.

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