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First Edition YA Box - January 2019

First Edition YA Box - January 2019

For the first time we offered a Limited Edition Young Adult Book Box featuring the novel Sadie by Courtney Summers.

From the moment we opened this novel we were captivated by the story of Sadie and Mattie. Both heart-warming and heart wrenching Sadie is a novel we could not put down. The double narrative of Sadie and West McRay’s podcast makes for a compelling read as you search for answers about both Mattie’s death and Sadie’s revenge.

We included the following items in the box:

Toronto Popcorn Company – Kettle corn – Both salty and sweet this popcorn is perfect for enjoying on a road trip.

Gourmet du Village – Hot Chocolate – Perfect for enjoying on a cold winter day while curled up reading Sadie.

Bic – Multi Color Pen – A fun, retro-styled pen for your journaling, note taking or for tracking clues with Sadie.

Danica Studio – Two-Journal Set - Sadie is on the hunt and this notebook would be great for capturing her leads. We chose these cute styles because we think they are perfect for school, work, or note taking on the go.


Fred – Cinnamon Air Freshener - When you are living in your car, it's imperative it smells nice and this ‘Scents of Humour’ air freshener will keep you rollin’ on down the road.


NPW – Beauty Junkie Face Mask – A quick facemask to keep you feeling fresh and ready to face the day. We think Sadie and Mattie would have loved doing facemasks together.

January 2019 Sweet Reads Box

January 2019 Sweet Reads Box

With colder temperatures and Chinese New Year around the corner we chose a novel set in Silicon Valley about a Chinese family and a dying patriarch.

Family dramas are often predictable and relatable. We found Family Trust was neither of those. A novel set in Silicon Valley focused on the Huang family and the dying patriarch, Stanley Huang, his children, his ex-wife and his new wife. It focuses on wealth, greed, family, love and cultural traditions and expectations.

A perfect read for January as we welcome the Year of The Pig and it’s good fortune. We hope you enjoy Family Trust, it’s a compelling read with a unexpected twists and turns. Who will amass wealth? Who will lose their fortune? Will there be a family trust after Stanley’s death?

What we included in the box:

Tea Leaf Co. - Golden Sun Kiss Tea – A delicious blend of Organic Citrus Oolong Tea with flavours (and a name) to remind you of California Sunshine.

Wing’s Fortune Cookies – What better way to talk about money, wealth and good fortune than with fortune cookies? Enjoy alongside your tea or as a snack while reading.

Fred and Co. – Under the Tea Infuser – The cutest tea infuser around. Sea Turtles are inhabitants of the California coast. Symbolizing California and the younger generation of the Huang family your Under the Tea infuser works perfectly with Golden Sun Kiss Tea.

Fred and Co. - Filthy Rich Napkins – If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? Enjoy this package of money napkins – definitely a conversation starter at your next party!

Socksmith – Peaceful Panda Socks – The Huang family could use some peace – perhaps we should send them some socks? We chose these socks for their representation of peace and harmony in Chinese culture and represent the home of the elder generation of the Huang family.

Chinese New Year Envelope – It is customary to give money in a red envelope on special occasions like the New Year. Why not use it to spread some good fortune.

Family Print – A print showcasing the Chinese characters for Family. Frame this print as a tribute to your family.